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Brimming full of juicy fruits and laced with a 63% Jamaican Over-Proof White Rum

Vie was born in 1943 in Jamaica and died in 2018 in England, which had been her home since the 1960s. She was well-known for her scRUMptious cakes which were generously infused with rum! Funnily enough, she was tee-total!
When Elaine, her fifth-born daughter, moved to Cumbria in 2019, she was inspired to turn her loss into a legacy and to honour her mother for the generous and talented cake maker she was, by making cakes based on her traditional recipe.

The utmost care has been taken to ensure that both the original and gluten-free ranges of the cake are as fruity, flavoursome and fantastic as her mother’s used to be.

Brimming full of juicy fruits and laced with a 63% Jamaican over-proof white rum, the distinct taste of rum in this moist, bold ‘Distinguished’ cake will leave you feeling "irie" (Jamaican patois for "really good") and wanting more.

Baked in Kendal using local, free-range eggs and flour and sustainably packaged, Vie’s Jamaican Rum Cakes are most definitely the rummiest cakes in Cumbria!

This 600g cake comes whole and can be cut into 6 generous slices.

Serving suggestions: Delicious with generous scoops of rum and raisin ice-cream, custard and cheese.

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2 cakes maximum per box

Delivery charge: £4.50 per box, this is included in the price quoted above.

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See outer packaging under ingredients card for best before date.

Allergens: Gluten-free recipe - Egg, Buttermilk, Sulphur Dioxide

Valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Recent Reviews

  • Such great cake! Loved the rum in it!!

    Irini Tzortzoglou - Master Chef 2019 winner
  • So light, moist and boozy! Perfect!

    Anne-Marie - Love the Lakes, Kendal
  • Moist and delicious! It was lovely to try a unique, light and delicious take on a Jamaican Rum Cake. Perfect for an intimate afternoon tea or a treat for a special occasion.

    Amy Thompson - Eye on Cumbira

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